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JEROME CORSI: Obama Went After General Flynn Because He Was a Risk of Indicting Him and Hillary for High Crimes and Misdemeanors (PART 3)



This text is a third of a collection of articles explaining why President Obama enlisted the federal authorities’ nationwide safety and justice companies to ensure Lt. Normal Michael Flynn by no means served as President Trump’s nationwide safety advisor.  In September 2011, Flynn was promoted to Lieutenant Normal and assigned as assistant director of nationwide intelligence within the Workplace of the Director of Nationwide Intelligence (DNI).  On April 17, 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Flynn to be the 18th director of DIA.  On April 30, 2014, President Obama pressured Flynn to retire as a result of Flynn having collected enough intelligence on Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to cost Obama and Clinton excessive crimes and misdemeanors.  The premise of this text collection is that as Trump’s nationwide safety director within the White Home, Flynn would have pursued President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for “Excessive Crimes and Misdemeanors” over their unlawful, clandestine supplying of weapons to terrorists in Libya.  This collection of articles attracts on reporting Jerome Corsi beforehand revealed in World Web Every day [] from 2011-2015 when he labored at as a senior workers reporter.

Why did Barack Obama flip towards Muammar Gaddafi?

The reply could also be deceptively easy: The second that Gaddafi grew to become inconvenient to al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, Gaddafi grew to become inconvenient to Obama. In 2011, Gaddafi stood in the best way of the al-Qaeda splinter group militia and the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan in Libya to advance the Arab Spring in North Africa by eradicating Muammar Qaddafi from energy. The primary article defined that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton engineered an unlawful, covert operation to run weapons to the al-Qaeda splinter militia teams and the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.  So, Obama and Clinton succeeded in changing Libya right into a Sharia Legislation-driven Islamic terrorist state. After Qaddafi was deposed, Stevens was appointed U.S. ambassador to Libya.  As U.S. ambassador, Stevens’s job shifted from overseeing the Obama-Clinton covert gun-running to Libya to supervising the cargo of arms from Libya to Syria to arm the rebels preventing Assad, a few of whom in the end change into al-Nusra in Syria and a few change into ISIS.  The second article examined the Marc Turi indictment. This case leaves little question Hillary Clinton was the chief architect of the Obama administration’s unlawful, covert gun-running operation to Libya and subsequently to Syria.  This third article examines the unlawful, covert gun-running operation President Obama and Secretary Clinton organized, diverting weapons from Libya to Syria to assist ISIS.

Paperwork launched by Judicial Watch and individually by Wikileaks from 2015-2017 supplied proof the Obama administration carried out a coverage steered by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2011 to arm the Free Syria Military rebels in Syria. Clinton’s aim was to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad, complementing a method Clinton and Obama had already begun implementing to change sides to assist Al-Qaida and Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated in Libya to topple Gadhafi.  This paperwork again up Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made on December 27, 2016, that U.S.-led coalition forces had “supported” ISIS.

On Might 18, 2015, Judicial Watch released greater than 100 pages of beforehand categorized “Secret” paperwork from the Division of Protection [DOD] and the Division of State that comprise the first official documentation that the Obama administration knew that weapons have been being shipped from the Port of Benghazi to insurgent troops in Syria.  Among the much paperwork made public, Judicial Watch revealed a Protection Intelligence Company [DIA} report written in August 2012 (the same time the U.S. monitored weapons flows from Libya to Syria) that said al-Qaeda and other extremist Muslim groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood-led the opposition in Syria.

In an interview with Democracy Now’s Juan González on July 25, 2016, Assange explained that the thousands of documents released by Wikileaks into the “Clinton Email Archive” contain some 1,700 emails that connect Clinton to Al Qaida and ISIS in both Libya and Syria. Assange stated that these emails prove Secretary of State Hillary Clinton implemented an Obama administration policy of supplying weapons to ISIS in Syria.

“So, those Hillary Clinton emails, they connect together with the cables that we have published of Hillary Clinton, creating a rich picture of how Hillary Clinton performs in office, but, more broadly, how the U.S. Department of State operates,” Assange explained in the interview. “So, for example, the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails.”

In an email dated Aug. 17, 2014, released by Wikileaks, Clinton suggested to John Podesta, after she was no longer secretary of state, the following: “At the same time, we should return to plans to provide the FSA [Free Syria Army], with some group of average forces, with tools that can enable them to cope with a weakened ISIL, and stepped up operations towards the Syrian regime.”

In an article published by Nationwide Assessment on Oct. 12, 2016, Andrew C. McCarthy, a senior coverage fellow at the Nationwide Assessment Institute, tied this assertion to the Obama administration’s plans to equip Syrian fighters, particularly both the Free Syrian Military or “different average forces” to U.S.-led operation in coordination with Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey to steer weapons to Syria, “ostensibly to battle each Assad and ISIS.”  McCarthy is famous, nonetheless, that Clinton’s 2014 memo to Podesta asserts the Saudi and Qatari governments each assist ISIS and different “radical Sunni teams.”

On August 30, 2016, the New York Occasions released an audio recording of remarks then-Secretary of State John Kerry made to a small group of Syrian civilians behind closed doorways.  In these remarks, Kerry admitted the Obama administration not solely hoped ISIS would depose the regime of Assad al-Bashar in Syria but in addition, gave arms to the jihadist military and its allies to hold out the duty.

In 2011, Obama and Clinton engaged in a coverage shift, deciding to implement regime change occasions toppling the governments of Gadhafi in Libya and Assad in Syria, even when it meant arming radical Islamic terrorist teams that were traced again to al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood.  On June 20, 2011, Clinton’s longtime adviser Sidney Blumenthal sent a confidential email to Clinton on the State Division that included an article published by David W. Lesch, a professor of Center Jap historical past at Trinity College in San Antonio.  In his opinion piece, Lesch argued a regime change technique might be effected in Syria if the U.S. might discover opposition teams in Syria able to establish “a Benghazi-like refuge from which to launch a revolt and to which support might be despatched.”

In a subsequent confidential email dated July 24, 2012, Blumenthal additionally suggested to Clinton that the “rising success of the insurgent forces of the Free Syria Military, FSA,” impressed him to consider the Assad regime was weaker and weaker to be toppled.  In an email dated Feb. 24, 2012, Blumenthal characterized the FSA as “loosely organized and uncoordinated,” noting it was “for probably the most half, native militias, lots of them civilian primarily based, which can be merely calling themselves the FSA to seem like half of a complete.”  Blumenthal continued in that e-mail to remark the armed resistance to Assad “shouldn’t be nicely funded or nicely armed.”

On Feb. 28, 2012, Jacob Sullivan, a State Division senior coverage advisor to Secretary Clinton, forwarded to Clinton an opinion piece revealed within the New York Occasions by overseas correspondent Roger Cohen.  Within the opinion piece, Cohen made the hyperlink suggesting the technique Obama and Clinton had used to topple Gadhafi in Libya must be used to topple Assad in Syria.  “Because the Bosnian warfare confirmed, the premise for any settlement has to be tough equality of forces. So I say step up the efforts, already quietly ongoing, to get weapons to the Free Syrian Military. Prepare these forces, simply because the rebels have been killed in Libya,” Cohen wrote. Payback time has come around: America warned Assad about permitting Al Qaeda fighters to transit from Syria to Iraq. Now matériel and particular forces with the power to coach a ragtag military can transit Iraq — and different neighboring states — into Syria.”  Then, on Sept. 18, 2012, one week after the disastrous Benghazi 9/11 terror assault, Blumenthal, in a confidential memo to Clinton.  Within the memo, Blumenthal alerted Clinton to the opportunity of an FSA navy victory taking up Damascus.  He famous that this chance had prompted Assad’s spouse and shut kinfolk to induce Assad to flee Syria to keep away from “the destiny of Assad’s former ally Muammar al Qaddafi of Libya, who was captured and killed by insurgent forces whereas trying to flee his house territory in Sirte.”

In 2013, then-Senator John Kerry joined forces with Senator John McCain to symbolize the Free Syria Military, or FSA, as “moderates” among the many insurgent forces.  In testimony earlier than the Senate Overseas Relations Committee on September 3, 2013, Kerry cited Elizabeth O’Bagy.  Kerry argued that the warfare in Syria is “not being waged solely and even predominately by harmful Islamists and al-Qaida die-hards.” As a substitute, “average opposition forces—a group of teams often called the Free Syria Military” are main the wrestle.  At the moment, O’Bagy was a 26-year-old graduate pupil at the moment pursuing a Ph.D. in Arab research and political science at Georgetown College, who was engaged in a dissertation on girl militancy.  On August 30, 2013, O’Bagy revealed an opinion piece within the Wall Avenue Journal entitled “On the Entrance Traces of Syria’s Civil Battle,” which ran with a tagline, “The traditional knowledge – that jihadists are operating the revolt [in Syria] – shouldn’t be what I’ve witnessed on the bottom.”  On September 27, 2013, reporter Sarah Hurtubise writing in the Every day Caller, revealed that McCain had employed O’Bagy as a legislative assistant, ignoring that she had been fired from the Washington-based Institute for the Examine of Battle (ISW) for fabricating her Ph.D.   In an announcement issued after Kerry’s testimony earlier than the Senate Overseas Relations Committee, the ISW issued an announcement: “The Institute for the Examine of Battle has realized and confirmed that, opposite to her representations, Ms. Elizabeth O’Bagy doesn’t in actual fact have a Ph.D. diploma from Georgetown College. ISW has accordingly terminated Ms. O’Bagy’s employment, efficient instantly.”

Earlier ISW fired her, O’Bagy labored as a senior analysis analyst and chief of the ISW Syrian staff.  In that capability, O’Bagy authored for the ISW a March 2013 report entitled “The Free Syrian Military,” by which she argued:

The opposition motion in Syria has been fragmented from its inception, a direct reflection of Syria’s social complexity and the decentralized grassroots of the rebellion.  This situation has plagued Syria’s armed opposition since peaceable protestors took up arms and commenced forming insurgent teams underneath the umbrella of the Free Syrian Military (FSA) in the summertime of 2001.

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This Article was first published on Deevs Network.

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DOJ Embedded an FBI Informant Inside the DEFENSE TEAM of Non-Violent Jan 6 Prisoner and Former US Marine Zachary Rehl



The federal government’s fabricated case towards the Proud Boys was suspended per week in the past after the protection attorneys have been unintentionally given data from DOJ attorneys that reveals the US authorities were deleting proof, hiding paperwork, and spying on the prisoners whereas they have been talking with their attorneys.

After all, all of these actions are unlawful.

However, the newest growth at this time tops all the earlier lawless actions of the FBI and Division of Justice.

100 % Fed Up reviews – The superb investigative reporter Julie Kelly of American Greatness, who has completed extra to show the corruption behind the January sixth convictions and therapy of January sixth prisoners than virtually anybody, has simply dropped an enormous bombshell that ought to shake each American to their core.

In accordance with Kelly, the DOJ has embedded an FBI agent within the protection staff of the non-violent Jan. sixth prisoner, former US Marine Zachary Rehl. Rehl has been imprisoned since January 6. His actual crime is that he’s a member of the “Proud Boys.”

In her first of a collection of 4 tweets, Kelly reported {that a} new movement has simply been filed by the protection within the Proud Boys trial accusing the DOJ of utilizing an FBI informant to spy on and infiltrate the protection staff of Zachary Rehl.

Kelly shared an UPDATE to her first tweet, saying: Decide Kelly simply ordered DC US Lawyer Matthew Graves’ workplace to answer this movement by 9 am tomorrow.

In her second tweet, the true investigative reporter wrote that Decide Kelly was requested by the January sixth defendant’s lawyer to rethink the nonviolent Rehl’s incarceration “since he has a daughter he’s by no means held since she was born after he was arrested.” As a substitute for honoring his lawyer’s request, Decide Kelly denied his bail for 2 years.

The allegations in regards to the existence of but another beforehand undisclosed CHS after varied different alleged full and full disclosures of all of the CHS’s concerned within the case reveal that there are causes to doubt the veracity of the federal government’s clarification and justification for withholding details about the CHSs who’ve been concerned within the case. Furthermore, the federal government disclosed this data for the primary time on the day earlier than the witness was scheduled to look.

Rehl’s lawyer, Carmen Hernandez, requested for “a right away emergency listening to and adjournment of the Court docket proceedings till the problems have been thought-about and resolved.”

Accordingly, Mr. Rehl and the opposite defendants within the prompt case respectfully request that the Court docket compel the federal government to reveal all data, recordings, and reviews set forth above in order that the protection staff (and the Court docket) can have an entire image of what occurred, and why. The defendants request a right away emergency listening to and adjournment of the Court docket proceedings till these points have been thought-about and resolved.

In her third tweet, Kelly revealed that DC US Lawyer Matthew Graves’ workplace “continues to mislead court docket and defendants in regards to the precise variety of FBI informants (CHS).” 

A CHS is a “Confidential Human Supply.”

In accordance with Kelley, the FBI agent really participated in prayer conferences with a member of Rehl’s household!

“Holy sh*t, that is past soiled.”

“DC US Lawyer Matthew Graves’ workplace notified the protection staff TODAY {that a} protection witness has been an FBI informant because the BEGINNING of the case through the beginning of the trial.”

“The CHS participated in prayer conferences with…the defendants’ households.” Kelly wrote.

Here’s a screenshot of the court docket doc. Kelly included in her tweet that outlines how the FBI’s CHS (Confidential Human Supply) has been in contact with the defendant’s counsel through phone, textual content messaging, and different digital means with a number of members of Rehl’s protection counsel members.

In her ultimate tweet, Kelly writes: So prosecutors knew again in December that protection deliberate to name this individual as a witness. For 3 months, not solely did Graves’ workplace refuse to reveal the witness was an FBI informant, but the person continued to work as an informant, spying on protection, throughout trial prep.

Kelly’s total article about how the FBI was caught “red-handed” spying on Reh’s communications along with his then-attorney will be discovered within the tweet. In her American Greatness article, Kelly explains how, extremely, the DOJ is arguing that the communications of the Jan 6 prisoner along with his lawyer are usually not privileged as a result of he being behind bars!

Conservative “amuse” has additionally shared his outrage, which actually sums up how most People will really feel once they see the beautiful paperwork shared by Julie Kelly.

He tweeted:

SHOCK: The FBI is paying J6 protection witnesses to offer the protection’s trial technique to Biden’s DOJ. The federal government has paid informants contained in the trial, feeding data to the FBI and DOJ. That is past outrageous. There isn’t a justice in America at this time. I’m speechless.

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This Article was first published on Deevs Network.

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Jan 6er JEFF SABOL Goes Missing After Raising Complaints of Jail Abuse – PLEASE HELP JEFF BY DONATING BELOW



Jan 6er Jeffrey Sabol has been held for 764 days without being convicted of any crimes whereas he awaits trial. Jeff was far away from the January 6th pod within the DC jail in a single day under suspicious circumstances. It’s unclear the place he’s right now.“I knew that I used to be going to be railroaded,” Sabol stated in regard to the unfolding state of affairs just some days in the past. Sabol anticipated retaliation from the jail after getting embroiled in a phony disciplinary incident that acquired the eye of the US Marshalls and in the end reached a number of members of Congress. Bogus inner violations are repeatedly used to deprive these males of commissary, cellphone, and newly-acquired visitation privileges, and are used in opposition to them later by prosecutors to inflict longer sentences.

Though masks necessities have been far away from nearly all public areas in DC for nearly a year, the drama began when Sabol was accused of making a public well being emergency for not carrying masks while seated alone within his cell.Paradoxically, Sabol—who has been caught within the identical small DC jail pod for greater than two years, unexposed to any of his family members faces, not to mention the exterior components—was served a disciplinary infraction report by a guard who wasn’t carrying masks himself.

When Sabol stood up for his proper to a witness on the phony listening to, jail workers outmoded his two minor costs with three further extra critical ones, together with “inciting a riot” and “threatening conduct.”The US Marshalls’ attention and civil “contempt of courtroom” costs introduced by Jan 6ers, together with Sabol, have been met by extreme retaliation from the already hostile jail, which prefers to function its evil beneath the cowl of darkness.

Males who’ve filed grievances have been routinely punished then—as a substitute for addressing its rampant malfeasance—ejected from the ability. Documented instances within the DC jail embody:

      • Ronald McAbee, who was left lined in chemical irritant for hours after an assault by correctional officers, earlier than being far away from the ability
      • Ryan Nichols, who was far away from the ability after legal filings that detailed medical negligence and bodily assaults by guards had been offered to the courtroom
      • Jeffrey Brown was positioned in 24-hour isolation and then far away from the ability after the courtroom ordered the jail to conform along with his Constitutional proper to offer him along with his discovery
      • Brandon Fellows was taken into isolation the place he was crushed whereas in handcuffs after submitting a very irritating grievance, then far away from the ability

On Feb 4th I used to be instructed that I needed to discuss to a correctional officer (CO) as a result of, unbeknownst to me, I apparently had a deficiency report (DR).   The DR had two costs on it:

    •   Lack of cooperation (Class II violation)
    •   Making a well being, security, fireplace hazard (Class II violation)

Once I was handed the DR, at no time did the CO inform me that I used to be allowed a witness throughout my upcoming listening to.Then, on Feb 7th I used to be summoned to a listening to that was to be held in our small TV room.   I entered the TV room and was met with the listening to committee which consisted of three folks: the adjustment board member, and two corporal COs.   (Not one of the 3 had been carrying bodycams.)

Firstly of the listening to the man from the adjustment board introduced out a digital audio recording gadget and began to report the assembly.He then (for the digital report) introduced his identify and the identify of the 2 corporals.   (I didn’t catch their names at the moment).  He then requested me to state my identify for the report – which I did.He then requested me how I pled.  I stated “Not Responsible.”

He then acknowledged for the report that I didn’t have any witnesses current after which began to begin with the listening to—at which level I stated, “Now maintain on!  No one instructed me that I might deliver witnesses.”He then stated that I used to be knowledgeable that I might have witnesses current after I was handed the DR.   I then stated, ” No…. As a result of if I used to be instructed I might have a witness current, I might have introduced them ahead.”He then checked out me and stated, “Yeaaaaa… we’re nonetheless gonna transfer ahead.”

At this level I stated, “So let me get this straight…  I’m in a listening to at a federal facility and also you received’t let me deliver a witness to a listening to – AND you received’t give me your names???”

Properly, on Feb 10th at round 1am I used to be instructed that I wanted to satisfy with a supervisor.   The CO supervisor then handed me one other DR through which I used to be now being handed 3 further costs, which embody:

    • Inciting a riot (Class I Violation)
    • Threatening conduct (Class II Violation)
    • Impeding an worker within the efficiency of their responsibility (Class II Violation)

That is after all absolute BS as a result of I had just one query which was “Why can’t I’ve a witness at my listening to?” Observe that I’m STILL ready for a solution to that query. And, after all, the twond DR makes no point out of me asking about having a witness.

…And at last…  proper on time and on cue… as anticipated, they play the race card by saying that somebody in the primary space yelled the “N” phrase.   Not solely did this not occur, however the CO that was in the primary space throughout all of this had his physique digicam on, so there will likely be proof that their assertion of what was stated will likely be confirmed to be a lie.

So, in spite of everything this occurred, a bunch of us started working and requested you Nice American Patriots to come back to our help.   Small articles had been written in regards to the “incident” and despatched out to varied teams who disseminated them additional – in the end making their solution to some members of Congress.  The U.S. Marshalls had been additionally contacted and requested to become involved.Properly, IT WORKED as a result of on Feb 13th I used to be pulled from the DC gulag and was taken to the DC Federal Courthouse the place I had a gathering with two U.S. Marshalls who knowledgeable me that complaints had been made and that they had been interviewing me as a part of their investigation into what occurred on Feb 7th.

I then defined your entire state of affairs and instructed them that they wanted to get three issues:

      1. The digital audio file from my Feb 7th listening to as a result of if this digital audio file nonetheless exists then it is going to show that my rights had been violated throughout this listening to AND it is going to show that the opening statements in my 2nd DR are a lie (i.e. my questions weren’t answered).   If this digital audio file doesn’t exist then they’re responsible of destroying proof.   (FYI I’ve lastly obtained the names of the three people who had been holding the listening to.   My lawyer has them)
      2. The following factor the Marshalls must get is the physique digicam footage from the pod officer that was on responsibility in POD C2B at round 1pm on Feb 7, 2023. (I’ve the identify of this CO.  (My lawyer has this identify).   This bodycam video/audio will will show that the “N” phrase was by no means used, thus proving that the individual that wrote and signed the DR report thus perjured themself.
      3. …and at last, the Marshalls must get the POD’s video from the “eye within the sky” cameras (there are 2 that I do know of).  This video will present that no person was threatened.

So, the place do issues presently stand?   Properly, as of at the moment (Feb 15th) the US Marshalls are wanting into this, nevertheless, I’ve my reservations about this investigation as a result of they refused to permit me to get my paperwork (which was in one other room) so I might give them the names of the three members of the listening to.As you may think about, I after all have my lawyer concerned, and we’re additionally within the technique of attempting to amass the three objects described above.  As a part of this course of my lawyer has contacted the jail’s authorized division however as of the date I’m penning this (Feb 15th) the jail’s authorized division has not responded.

Punishment: As of proper now, as a result of I used to be discovered responsible for the costs on the primary DR I’ve had my cellphone, commissary, and visitation denied for an unknown time period. They will additionally try to add further road costs like Intimidating/Impeding an Officer (which is called a 111a cost).  Unlikely, however once more…   Look the place I’m. After which there may be their final aim for doing all of this, which is to construct up bogus inner jail violations that may then be used in opposition to me at sentencing… When all I did was rise up for my Constitutional rights…  and for that, I’m being punished.

The effectiveness of group calling and writing campaigns can’t be ignored, even by leftwing media:

  • Washington Post: “Complaints by White folks incarcerated… for his or her involvement within the Jan. 6 rebellion spurred an investigation… into the circumstances on the D.C. jail.”
  • CNN: “Insurrectionists’ jail complaints result in overdue reform inside DC’s jail system”
  • Washington Post: Choose raises concern for the “extra than simply inept…chance of deliberate mistreatment” after discovering rights abuses

The ripple impact has not solely been considered on the unjustly detained pre-trial January 6th defendants, however for the vulnerable people who’ve suffered the abuse of this hellscape for a lot too a few years. We’re making a distinction, America! Jeffrey Sabol is a 56 12 months previous geophysicist from Colorado, who was amongst these entrapped within the horror and chaos of the West Terrace Tunnel, which was the location of the homicide of Rosanne Boyland and numerous rising tales of abuse in opposition to unarmed girls and the aged. Contemplate exhibiting your help for him right here, or by contacting his congressional consultant Brittany Petterson (D) to report his ongoing civil and human rights abuses here. 

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This Article was first published on Deevs Network.

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WATCH: Forensic Investigator John Thaler Joins Brannon Howse Following EXPLOSIVE Claims That Sinaloa Cartel Uses Bribes, Money Laundering To Control Maricopa County Elections



Lawyer John Thaler joined Brannon Howse with former Arizona State Consultant Mark Finchem Friday evening on Lindell TV to clarify the alleged phony mortgage and actual property transaction rip-off utilized by the Sinaloa Cartel to bribe elected officers and manage the state of Arizona. The Sinaloa Cartels and the treasonous People who work with them are destroying our nation by flooding Arizona with harmful medicine and crime. The Gateway Pundit reported that Tempe Police seized over 30 million deadly doses of fentanyl. In 2022, the DEA nationwide seized over 50.6 million lethal fentanyl-laced pretend prescription capsules and over 10,000 kilos of fentanyl powder, half of which got here from Arizona. “I need to be crystal clear. The medicine which might be flooding Arizona every single day is sourced primarily by one evil entity, the Sinaloa Drug Cartel,” mentioned Phoenix DEA Particular Agent in Cost Cheri Oz.


The Gateway Pundit reported that the Arizona Senate and Home Elections Committees held a joint particular assembly on Thursday and heard an explosive presentation by Breger, which, if true, uncovered info concerning large corruption and collusion between American politicians, appointed authorities officers, and the Sinaloa Cartels.

Breger identifies herself as a longtime Arizona resident and a forensic investigator with the Harris/Thaler Regulation Company, investigating multi-state racketeering and corruption. She states that she holds a grasp’s diploma in advertising and honors levels in Finance, Monetary Accounting, Enterprise, statistics, economics, and enterprise technique.

She instructed the legislators on Thursday that lawyer John Thaler investigated cash laundering and racketeering in Maricopa County and reviewed over 120,000 pieces of paperwork which embody “pretend notarizations, pretend deeds of belief, fraudulent patrons and or sellers of the actual property transactions, in addition to different firms utilized in actual property transactions, reminiscent of actual property brokers, mortgage firms Title and Escrow firms, actual property inspection firms, service firms.”

Breger made critical accusations towards named people in authority positions and others concerned within the alleged scheme. This contains two residents of Mesa named Dawna Rae Chavez and her daughter, Brittany Rae Chavez, who’re each described by Breger as “principal preparers of the paperwork essential to have an effect on the racketeering enterprise.”As we reported, John Thaler and Brittany Chavez, previously Brittany Thaler, had been as soon as married. Brittany is listed as a defendant in a lawsuit by Plaintiff John Thaler with related allegations to Breger’s.

In June 2022, John Thaler alleged that Brittany Thaler “has engaged in an array of legal enterprises throughout a number of states, together with cash laundering and tax evasion, allegedly completed by way of actual property transactions and non-profit organizations; insurance coverage fraud, allegedly completed by way of phony private harm claims made on behalf of non-existent individuals; skimming cash from state-run help packages; narcotics trafficking; hacking into state databases and fabricating public data; bribing public officers, together with judges, cops, judicial assistants, inspectors, assessors, and accountants; bribing non-public professionals, reminiscent of actual property brokers and brokers; chapter fraud; election fraud, allegedly completed by creating pretend ballots and manipulating others with a view to affect, amongst different races, the 2020 election for Maricopa County Recorder; extortion by way of “crypto-viruses”; the creation of pretend workers on payroll programs with a view to acquire paychecks and advantages; and homicide.” Dawna Rae Chavez can be named as a defendant.

Thaler defined this, stating, “I used to be instantly concerned in had a relationship with one of many individuals who was instantly concerned very, very a lot unbeknownst to me.” He then revealed that he married Brittany in 2016 and had a toddler together with her in late 2017. “It was in 2018 once I was wanting by way of paperwork with the Recorder’s workplace that I discovered paperwork referring to her that clearly additionally associated to the Midwest transactions that I’d been taking a look at in 2014,” mentioned Thaler.

Brittany allegedly supplied Thaler and a colleague in 2019, “when it grew to become clear what her involvement was,” with laborious drives and flash drives, “which comprise plenty of the proof from which we then launched a deeper investigation into this,” says Thaler. Mark Finchem ran for Arizona Secretary of State within the corrupt 2022 race towards former cartel lawyer Adrian Fontes, who was implicated in this new potential scandal. Fontes is accused of appointing “phantom” or “non-existent people” to “maintain positions associated with election companies” whereas serving because of the Maricopa County Recorder. Based on Jacqueline Breger’s Thursday testimony, Fontes’ loss in 2020 was “deliberate” in order that he might be fraudulently put into the workplace of Secretary of State in 2022.

Different names on this alleged fraud scheme embody Katie Hobbs, Mesa Mayor John Giles, Arizona Home Speaker Ben Toma, and Runbeck COO Jeff Ellington. Thaler additionally states that not less than three Maricopa County Supervisors “have issues” referring to trafficking, cash laundering, and racketeering. Jacqueline Breger said on Thursday that she and John Thaler had discovered phony deeds and unlawful transfers for Runbeck and Jeff Ellington, who’s carefully tied to Arizona Home Speaker RINO Ben Toma.

The Gateway Pundit reported shortly after the stolen 2022 Election that Runbeck COO Jeff Ellington Chairs the Board of Administrators of Precision Aero, previously Riggins Engineering Inc. & Pinnacle Mfg. Co., Inc., which is owned by Toma’s household. If Thaler’s allegations surrounding Toma and Runbeck are true, this isn’t solely a battle of curiosity but a part of a significant election fraud crime. John Thaler and Mark Finchem joined Grant Stinchfield on Frank Speech’s final evening to debate the findings and supply extra perception into this investigation.

Watch the complete interview under:

Thaler: In 2009, the state of Arizona privately ran an audit on their companies, as a result of they believed that monies had been being laundered out of California at the moment. Have been flowing into state companies. I can’t touch upon that investigation as a result of I used to be in a roundabout way concerned in it. Nonetheless, as a part of that investigation, in 2014, the state of Arizona checked out cash laundering coming in from California that was going into single-family residences. Whether or not any person watches, you recognize, TV or watches motion pictures, one of many staple cash laundering strategies has to do with shopping for and promoting actual property. Single Household residents are normally one of the best. So, we had been tasked in 2011 with taking a look at monies being taken from California from unlawful actions in California and shifting into the state of Arizona, utilizing the monies for the purchases of single-family residences in among the outskirt cities, San Tan Valley, Avondale, Goodyear, locations like that, Litchfield Park. And we concluded that plenty of monies had been flowing into new building tasks that had been happening in Arizona. That was sort of the start of the development growth in Arizona. In order that’s what we concluded. In 2014, My workplace was requested to look additional at this challenge. And right now, it wasn’t a lot monies coming from California, however it was monies coming from the Midwest. So we had been requested to have a look at Midwest money, largely coming from Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa to find out whether or not or not monies going into properties in these states getting used for cash laundering, had been additionally then flowing into Arizona. Simply so your viewers is aware of the monies going into these three states was already identified to the US Lawyer’s Workplace from about 2005 to about 2010. The US Lawyer’s workplace truly bought indictments, charged people, and convicted quite a lot of people of cash laundering. That included not simply the drug sellers and drug suppliers who had been doing it, but in addition, that was actual property brokers and brokers. That was, you recognize, escrow firms and title insurance coverage firms. So we had been requested to see whether or not or not that was flowing into Arizona. And the conclusion by late 2014 was that sure, it was. We didn’t consider it was widespread on the time, however it was flowing into Arizona. It was particularly flowing in once more into areas the place new properties had been being constructed, so the place inexpensive housing existed. And from that, we despatched in our conclusions, and that, to my information, was sort of going to be the top of it. That was the top of the investigation, we sealed the bins, and we had been accomplished. In 2018, considerably by chance, now with the whole lot, and earlier than this, simply perceive, earlier than 2015, paperwork reminiscent of recorder data in most states, together with in Arizona and Maricopa County, weren’t obtainable on-line. So for us to do analysis, we needed to truly go right down to Recorders’ workplaces, or go right down to the Company Fee workplaces and truly request particular paperwork, then request extra paperwork, and so forth and so forth. By 2015, the whole lot was on-line. So, in 2018 once we had been on the lookout for one thing completely completely different than this, we truly discovered further paperwork that associated to the 2014 investigation. And people paperwork in 2018 sort of had been the start of the method of the place we’ve gotten to at present. So the method of the place we’re at present is that during the last three years, since 2019, my workplace has been engaged on investigations involving racketeering actions in Arizona, plenty of which comes from monies funneled from different states, however it additionally comes from monies that come instantly into Arizona by way of drug transactions.

Thaler: Brittany and I truly bought married in April 2016. We had a toddler in December of 2017. And It was in 2018 once I was wanting by way of paperwork with the Recorder’s workplace that I discovered paperwork referring to her that clearly additionally associated to the Midwest transactions that I’d been taking a look at in 2014. From there, it simply sort of went off the scope as a result of as soon as you recognize what you’re on the lookout for, and you recognize what the paperwork are that you just’re trying to find, particularly these days with the databasing, we might discover far an increasing number of and extra paperwork and that uncovered cash laundering actions by way of these properties. However it additionally uncovered payroll theft, it lined life insurance coverage fraud, auto insurance coverage fraud, it lined chapter fraud, clearly, tax evasion that goes with it, after which finally, that led us to the apparent which was with all this happening, had been there officers, each elected and appointed, who’re additionally being bribed?

So for probably the most half up till actually, a few months in the past, till actually after the 2022 election, we had been largely concentrating on payroll theft, life insurance coverage fraud, and cash laundering. And, you recognize, simply to make this extra clear, Brittany in November 2019, got here to me and got here to one in every of my colleagues when it grew to become clear what her involvement was, and at the moment, she requested us for WITSEC safety, which to your viewers on the market, is federal witness safety. That’s what it’s known as. It’s with WITSEC safety. And with a view to get that with a view to even apply for that, it’s important to be prepared to tell the US Lawyer of each legal exercise you’ve been concerned in. Nicely, Brittany was not on the time prepared to inform me or my colleague all the exercise she was concerned in, however she did present us with quite a lot of paperwork. She supplied us with a transportable laborious drive. She supplied us with a number of flash drives, which comprise plenty of the proof from which we then launched a deeper investigation into this. Simply to deliver you as much as current and what this has to do with elections is that after we knew that there have been elected and appointed officers who had been accepting bribes, or who had been definitely collaborating in among the racketeering schemes that we had uncovered, we then, seeing among the issues happening with the elections, determined that we’d have a look at election officers themselves. Not simply members of the legislature, however individuals who had been appointed to varied election positions, each in counties and on the state degree. And that’s what introduced us to the place we’re at present.

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